A smart home lighting solution made easy

Just like a 20-inch flat screen TV cost $1,200 in 1999 and only $85 today, so goes the
evolution of whole home smart lighting solutions. For years, the point of entry into home
automation solutions was too high for most homeowners with overly expensive LED bulbs.

Now, with the availability of wirelessly controllable switches and dimmers, street-smart homes are more attainable.

One very simple, and inexpensive, solution for peace of mind and home safety is to replace your current light switches with dimmers. This will allow you to control your lights from anywhere — in much the same way as using smart bulbs.

The Caseta Wireless Dimmer by Lutron is a great segue into the world of connected home
lighting solutions. This easy-install system works with CFLs and dimmable LEDs, making it a versatile home lighting solution. The Caseta allows you to control your lights, shades and temperature simply by using the included app or the wall switch itself. It works with
Lutron’s own Caseta Smart Bridge system or the Wink hub.



Much like a standard dimmer, you can dim the lights manually or you can control them using an app on your smartphone or tablet. The Lutron app also lets you schedule specific times of day when you want to turn lights on or off, open or close shades, and adjust your thermostat. For instance, planning to be out late? You can have your outdoor lights come on when the sun goes down. Lutron’s new Apple Homekit-compatible version of Caseta lets you control your lights using Siri.

One thing to note is that the Caseta must be compatible with your thermostat and shades.
Thermostats by Honeywell, Lutron and Nest will work with your Caseta solution. Lutron Serena wireless shades will also work with the Caseta.

How It Works

The Caseta Starter Kit comes packaged with:

  • Smart Bridge & App, with HomeKit technology
  • 2 In-wall light dimmers
  • 2 Lutron Claro® wallplates
  • 2 Pico® remotes
  • 2 Tabletop pedestals

The Smart Bridge has to be connected via an Ethernet cable to your router or switch, and then to an electricity outlet, and then synced with the iOS app (if you have the Homekit-compatible version), before you do anything else.


From there, simply download the Lutron app to your smartphone and follow the instructions for set-up. It’s the perfect smart home lighting solution for the DIY’er.

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50 cool things to do with string lights

Who came up with the rule that string lights are just for the holidays? As I sit here looking at the twinkling lights on our Christmas tree, I’m wondering why we feel the need to pack them back into their storage bins every season instead of displaying them some other way.

This prompted me to do some research and come up with a list. Some ideas are more obvious than others, but here are 50 cool things to do with string lights all those other months of the year.

String Lights, String Lights, Everywhere!

1. Liven up your bar.

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They’re not your grandmother’s crystal chandeliers

Chandeliers have come a long way over the years. Now there’s a place in every room of the house for chandelier lighting; not just in the dining room. Don’t get us wrong, traditional crystal chandelier light fixtures are still popular, but today’s chandeliers are made out of everything from recycled metal and glass to wrought iron and just about everything in between.

crystal chandelier

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Christmas has arrived in the showroom!

The holidays are right around the corner and we’re ready! Our busy elves have decked out the showroom in Christmas cheer. All holiday decor is currently 25% off. See you soon!

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Useful tips for lighting your foyer

The foyer is a very important space when it comes to lighting. Not only should the foyer lighting provide security upon entering the home, but it also is the first impression of the house. The foyer is a transitional space; separating the public world from the private world of your home.

Close-to-ceiling lights and pendants are ideal in foyers; they can set either a relaxed or formal tone depending on the style of the home. It’s important to select a fixture whose importance fits the volume of the space.

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